Wholesale & White Label

Organic Hemp products

from manufacturers we trust.

We are specialising in hemp products, exclusively from highest quality assured growers and renowned producers.

At Klostiki, we are committed to setting the highest standards in safety, compliance, and transparency by adhering to the strictest manufacturing certifications offered by global authorities. At the same time, we prioritize ethical self-regulation to ensure that the end product sets the benchmark for the industry.

Bringing you Wholesale and Bulk solutions, along with White Label, to build the brand you envision with a full lineup of private label CBD products. Moreover, we provide our customers with lab tests on-demand to assure them of the products’ quality. 

We believe in the values of fair play and the power of partnership. 

We offer reliability, proven high-quality products, advice, and both fair pricing and dealing.

Trade CBD orders are dispatched by tracked courier, so you will always be able to check on delivery times and dates.

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