Klostiki Wapanga Kush 10% THCP (indoor) 1gr.

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“Here is the Wapanga Kush THCP 10%. This Flower will first impress you with its powerful lemon scents that will flood your senses. Then will come delicate scents of fresh mint that will assert themselves along the length, before disappearing in favor of more “cheesy” notes. The whole thing will be as surprising as it is greedy.”


ATTENTION! THCP can cause powerful euphoric effects, this product is not suitable for novices.

This product is only intended to be infused.

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Discover Wapanga kush THCP 10%: the pinnacle of euphoria

Wapanga Kush THCP 10% is a real wonder. Its olfactory signature is composed of powerful lemon scents that will fill your senses as soon as the package is opened. Then comes the unexpected freshness of mint, which gradually asserts itself to give this flower a unique aromatic profile. Finally, surprising notes of “cheesy” complete the experience for a gourmet pleasure.

Wapanga Kush THCP 10%: encounter with THCP

Wapanga Kush THCP 10% is an Indoor flower that contains 10% THCP,  a cannabinoid known for its powerful euphoric effects. Here is what you can expect from this exceptional flower:

  • An intense euphoric effect
  • A deep relaxation
  • A feeling of happiness and joy
  • An improvement in mood
Buy the Wapanga Kush THCP 10%: quality and satisfaction assured

On Klostiki.com, we offer Wapanga Kush THCP 10% for lovers of high-quality products looking for a unique experience. This Indoor flower offers an unparalleled combination of power and complex aromas.

Review of Wapanga Kush THCP 10%: what do our customers think?

Wapanga Kush THCP 10% is very appreciated by our customers who particularly like its unique aromatic profile and the power of THCP.

Wapanga Kush THCP 10%: respect for nature and Cyprus legislation

Wapanga Kush THCP 10% is a naturally grown Indoor cannabis flower. Its 10% THCP level complies with Cyprus legislation, with a THC level of less than 0.2%. Recall that the sale is prohibited to minors and pregnant women.

Warnings and contraindications of Wapanga Kush THCP 10%

We recommend careful consumption of Wapanga Kush THCP 10%. Some individuals may experience adverse effects. In case of doubt, it is best to consult a health professional. We also remind you that you should not consume before driving or using heavy machinery.

Order NOW your Wapanga Kush THCP 10% for a unique immersion in the world of THCP!


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