Klostiki Pistachio Skunk 6% THCP (indoor) 1.gr

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“Here is our fabulous Pistachio Skunk THCP. It offers extremely dense and compact buds, in the shape of an ogive, spotted with brown reflections. Wonderful aromas of small juicy mango will first of all stand out from this little nugget. A few moments later, notes of pepper will take the best on the fruity aspect. Its pistachio finish will enrich the aromatic panel of the Flower and make it the most greedy in our THCP catalog.”


ATTENTION! THCP can cause powerful euphoric effects. Not suitable for novices.

This product is only intended to be infused.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Pistachio Skunk THCP, an exceptional flower

Explore a new world of flavors with Pistachio Skunk THCP. Presented in the form of solid buds in the shape of an ogive, this Indoor flower has a mystical brown hue that arouses curiosity. As soon as the package is opened, the seductive aroma of exotic mango strikes you, promising an unprecedented experience. But wait, that’s not all. A spicy hint of pepper shakes up the olfactory landscape, adding a complex and interesting dimension. And to finish in beauty, a final touch of pistachio brings a gourmet note, raising this flower to the rank of the tastiest in our THCP catalog.

Why opt for Pistachio skunk THCP?

Pistachio Skunk THCP offers much more than its unique aromatic profile:

  • Intense euphoria: THCP, a powerful cannabinoid, is known to induce deep euphoria.
  • Deep Relaxation: The consumption of THCP can lead to a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
  • Mood improvement: THCP is appreciated for its potential to improve mood and promote a feeling of happiness.
Opinions on Pistachio skunk THCP: what do users think?

Consumers of Pistachio Skunk THCP are unanimous: its complex blend of flavours and high THCP content make it an exceptional flower. Whether they are novices or regular consumers, everyone appreciates the quality and benefits it offers.

Where to get quality Pistachio Skunk THCP?

To buy Pistachio Skunk THCP, turn to Klostiki.com, your trusted supplier. Our products are selected for their excellent quality and compliance with Cyprus standards.

Pistachio THCP: compliance with cyprus legislation

Pistachio THCP complies with Cyprus standards with a THC level of less than 0.2%. We would like to remind you that this product is forbidden to minors and pregnant women.

Precautions for the use of Pistachio skunk THCP

The consumption of Pistachio THCP should be done in moderation. If you have any doubt, consult a health professional. We also remind you that this product is prohibited to pregnant or lactating women and minors.

Avoid driving or practicing an activity that requires special attention in the hours following the consumption of THCP.


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