Klostiki “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10% (indoor) 1gr.

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“So here is Klostiki’s wonderful “Chemdog 91” THCPO 6%. First of all, incredible musky, earthy, and spicy notes will impose all their greed in a great sweetness. Then, delicious scents of citrus will gradually take over. The latter will disappear in favor of a peppery and gingery final. An energising cultivar, that will remind why “dank” describes cannabis at its best.”


Attention! THCPO is a powerful cannabinoid that can cause euphoric effects.

This product is not suitable for novices.

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“Chemdog 91” THCPO 10% – Discover an Exceptional Variety

Klostiki’s “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10% mingling of diverse flavours reflects its signature terpene mix, featuring musky Myrcene tempered by the citrusy aromas of Ocimene and Germacrene. This earthy / citrus combo is enlivened by a spicy mix of peppery Caryophyllene and gingery Selina-Dienes.

History of the “Chemdog 91”

The history of the “Chemdog 91″is rooted in cannabis cultivation. Originally from California, this mostly-sativa, energising cultivar, is the result of decades of selection and improvement. The  “Chemdog 91” is renowned for its unique power and aromas, making it an essential choice for cannabis lovers.

Effects of the”Chemdog 91″ THCPO 10%

The “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10% is an exceptional cannabis variety that offers an intense euphoric experience, relaxing both the mind and the body. Its unique effects include a deep feeling of euphoria, mental relaxation, soothing muscle relaxation, improved creativity, stress relief and mood raising. This variety is appreciated for its versatility and potential to offer an unparalleled wellness experience.

  • Euphoria: Immerse yourself in a feeling of deep and lasting euphoria.
  • Brain Relaxation: Free your mind from stress and worries.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Enjoy total body relaxation.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Stimulate your creativity with this inspiring effect.
  • Stress Relief: Find peace of mind and soothe daily stress.
  • Mood Elevation: Experience a noticeable improvement in your mood.

Customer reviews on the “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10%

Our customers are delighted with the “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10%. They commend its quality, exceptional effects and versatility. The laudatory reviews highlight the ability of this variety to offer a unique wellness experience.

THCPO: A natural molecule in compliance with Cyprus legislation

We would like to point out that the “Chemdog 91” THCPO complies with Cyprus legislation, with a THC rate of less than 0.2%. The sale of this product is prohibited to minors and pregnant women.

Where to buy THCPO?

On klostiki.com we have chosen to offer THCPO through our “Chemdog 91”. Our customers are unanimous: it is a high-quality product for an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in an exceptional cannabis experience and discover the captivating effects of this variety.

Contraindications and Precautions for THCPO

Although promising, THCPO requires precautions. Avoid consuming this variety if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of psychiatric problems. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

This product is prohibited to minors and not suitable for beginners.

We also advise you not to drive or practice dangerous activity within hours of THCP absorption.


What is THCP-O?


1 review for Klostiki “Chemdog 91” THCPO 10% (indoor) 1gr.

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