Full Spectrum CBD Capsules with Virgin Hemp Oil

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Our Full Spectrum CBD softgel Capsules containing Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Extract in Virgin Hemp oil are supplied in a sealed jar and are available in two strengths. Capsules are a great choice for people who need an easy to carry CBD option, or not want the taste of oil in their mouth, nor the sweetness of Gummies and who do not vape. They are easy to carry and take with at work or on the go during a busy day.

Klostiki’s CBD softgel capsules combine the purity of CO2 full spectrum Sativa L. extract with Virgin Hemp Oil, itself valued for supporting a healthy lifestyle. 10mg CBD softgels and 25mg CBD softgels strengths are available in a choice of 30 or 60 softgels per order in convenient screw top jars.  CBD Softgels have a melt in the mouth, vegetable glycerine shell by providing a highly bioavailable CBD in a predictable dose, for a cannabinoid boost that is easy to take with no hemp oil taste.

CBD Cannabis softgel capsules are a convenient way to take your CBD supplement with you. Whilst many customers feel at home taking our bottled CBD oil in hemp with a few drops under their tongue or on food, or vaping our VGPG suspended CBD, some users find the taste too strong, don’t wish to vape or would prefer the ease of use of taking their daily CBD health food supplement in a handy capsule form.

The CBD in Klostiki’s CBD capsules is quickly absorbed into the body. The full plant extract CBD is made from Sativa L, also known as industrial hemp, Klostiki in Greek, by the CO2 extraction method which uses all states of CO2 in the process to ensure that all of the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved.

Made using full spectrum CBD, our legal CBD soft gels contain only trace amounts of THC of less than 0.02%, so they will not cause any psychoactive responses that could make you “high” by overloading the body’s natural systems, leaving you safe to drive, work and concentrate on your busy day or relax. The body uses the CBD in the capsules to act with its own natural enzymes on the endocannabinoid system

Virgin Hemp Oil is used to suspend the full spectrum Sativa L raw extract.

It is so easy to carry Klostiki CBD capsules with you so they are on hand for when you are super-busy or would like to relax. Even if you are a fan of our bottled CBD oils, you will enjoy the practicality of having them in your bag, car glove compartment or desk drawer.




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