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For the most pure CBD available, choose Klostiki’s CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate, also called CBD powder is a fine powder which is 99.9% CBD with no other ingredients and it is THC free. CO2 extracted CBD oil from Sativa L. Hemp is further filtered and winterised to remove all plant matter, waxes and oils leaving only CBD behind.

CBD Isolate is available in a range of sizes – 1g, 3g, 5g and 10g supplied in clear screw-lid pots.

Powdered CBD allows you to create your own CBD blends by mixing the powder with water or oil based liquids and semi-solids as it is unusually soluble in both. It can also be used neat as a powder and be added into a smoothie.

It is important not to heat it above under 65ºC.  



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